Saturday, October 31, 2009

Eden Alternative Transforming Long Term Care

Just returned from an amazing three-day training, and am now a certified Eden Alternative Associate!

Because the training changes the way you See (not just the way you think) it was predominantly delivered with a right brain approach. Brilliant!

This work, begun by Dr. Bill Thomas, is transforming the experience of aging in nursing homes.  Check out what we have to look forward to!

So how can nursing homes shift their culture in a way that works? There's more to it than is immediately obvious. On the surface in the video, you see some of the actions that can be taken, but underneath is the magical element without which the shift can't happen. It's a shift in the Being of everyone involved that rolls out as a beautifully designed step by step process. If you follow the Eden plan, it unfolds gradually as a journey. The change makes miracles in the health and well-being of the fortunate elders... and everyone. And it's cheaper than the traditional hierarchical model!

One last little benefit? Any nursing home taking this kind of approach will have far better ratings in the radically changed annual surveys. Here's more info on that from Pioneer Network:

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