Sunday, June 17, 2012

Glasses - A Wild Metaphor

Hello folks. I'm in the process of making a shift in my work, taking a few steps back so that I can see it with a broader perspective. I am, fundamentally, a life crisis transitions coach, which of course includes caregiving. MindfulCaregiving IS life coaching principles applied to caregiving. So my postings hereon in will be about life, with guidance as to how to apply it to caregiving.

I have always received a lot of juice from thinking about life (and caregiving) through metaphors. Here's one I was toying with yesterday, taken from a freewrite that I did last month at my eldest sister's writing group in Ridgewood NJ, but that's more detail than you need.

For now, as a caregiver, try reading this, but substitute "caregiving" for "world" and see how well it works for you. Is this a little too far out for you?

Glasses - A Wild Metaphor

I have a friend who talks to angels. She knows her life as part of a much greater continuum. She also wears glasses.

A few months ago she began to have floaters in her eyes, those fuzzy spots that people occasionally see, but these were monster floaters. Mega-floaters. Huge patches that passed in front of her field of vision, obscuring it. She can roll her eyes back to see over them, but they are always there.

Another friend and I conjectured with her about her possible need to look inward, as though she was being forced to look away from the outer world, as though some greater power, outer or inner, was guiding her into new rich lessons. We choose always to see life as teaching us.

Wanting to explore this "vision thing" a bit more deeply, I recently did a freewrite about glasses. I remember the odd sensation when I got first wore bifocals, and my vision split. It split from me, my world did! Before I Was my seeing-without-thought. Now I AM my switching from seeing closeup to seeing farther away. My computer glasses bring me a third eye, and always, always, the awareness of whether and where I am focusing. I am now not my world. My world is not me!

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