Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TAKE THE RIDE! A Letter to 16-year-old Me

Day #10 in the #HAWMC  Challenge  -  30 days of writing prompts for health activist writers. Check 'em all out! http://www.facebook.com/wegohealth

Prompt #10: Dear 16-year-old-me. Write a letter to yourself at age 16. What would you tell yourself? What would you make your younger self aware of? 

Dear Hol,

This proposition calls for magic—it’s a pretty big supposition that I could make any 16-year-old aware of anything! But let’s say I have a magical incantation that would have you really hear what I’m saying....

First of all, don’t look to anyone else, including me, to give you your ultimate answers. You really have to find out for yourself. There’s no way to shortcut the learning moments, personal challenges, or even the painful awakenings. Believe it or not, that is good news.

The other good news is that you already have within you all that you need to do really well. In a sense, Hol, you’ve already succeeded. That said, here are a few things for you to consider as you get ready to launch yourself into life.

You have been paying much too much attention to others. If you think that others being happy makes you somehow safe or worthwhile, it doesn’t. Making others happy is not an end it itself and they are not the keepers of your happiness. The more that you can take care of your own happiness, the more wonderfully healthy Others will feel drawn to you. Pleasing them will be a pleasure, not a necessity. So, relax about what others think of you. No one will ever have the power over you that your family had. No one now endangers your happiness or your self worth unless you give them the power. 

For your greatest health and happiness, find your highest and fullest expression of your Self. Learn to be happy no matter who you are with, no matter where you are. This is the time of life for playing with who you are, and you are wonderful— wise, funny, and worthy of appreciation. Relax. Trust your instincts. Notice what gives you joy and follow it. Your true calling in life will unfold. Stay in touch with yourself and your profound value, using your inborn gifts, like writing, and loving, intuitive listening, and a strong, resilient body. The rest will unfold like a colorful adventure.

Have fun, hon! God/your Higher Power/The Universe is your partner so enjoy the ride! Below is a picture of what I mean. That’s You in the front seat!

with great love and respect,
Your elder self

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