Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Here's the next prompt in the Health Activist Writing Month Challenge #HAWMC  by #WEGO http://blog.wegohealth.com/  Each day in April offers a unique prompt to take us on a journey of our life and work, our inner world and our outer.

Prompt #3: Superpower Day. If you had a superpower – what would it be? How would you use it? 

Ooh, a dangerous idea! I know that I wouldn’t want a superpower to change other people’s lives—that’s their job. I wouldn’t want to change other people or take away their struggle. I believe that the balance between joy and pain, struggle and freedom, is what makes life rich. I wouldn’t presume to take away their right to make their own choices and have their own learning experiences. You life coaches reading this will know what I mean—we focus on empowerment, not co-dependently helping. 

In a similar way, I wouldn’t want to “fix” the world because I don’t think it’s broken—challenged, yes, but not broken —and I wouldn’t want to deprive humanity of the opportunity to rise to a higher plane, to evolve. Much like the Prime Directive in Star Trek, any superpower that would artificially change something in the world or in an other person could, ultimately, do great harm. So perhaps what is left is to have some fun with this idea.

I have long wanted to have a hand held gadget that would answer little questions for me, questions like “How many people are kissing at this very moment?”. Or a gadget that would tell me what simple gift a person really really wants so that I could set about giving it to them, anonymously. 

I do think it would be interesting to know what animals think, but my superpower would need to be self-limiting. I would only want to know for a fleeting moment. Otherwise I could go mad listening to birds and squirrels and dogs. I would absolutely exclude humans—too scary! 
I would like to be able to anonymously grant one Elder a week  three small wishes, but they would have to be wishes that are life serving, not harmful, and I would want to know the results.

In truth, I think we all have super powers that are underutilized; a smile, acknowledgement of an other, deep listening. I would like to make everyone aware of their own positive superpowers. Gradually the world would change.

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Dee said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas about super powers. I'd love to know what my dog things some times.